Berbagi ilmu dan pandangan

Not an sanguins anymore?

I though I was a sociable person, who hates being alone and like to be the center of attention

Nowadays I am enjoy being alone, doin’ all stuff by myself,
it is strange if you prefer like take a dinner alone? Or prefer to browsing internet than hang out together with new friends?

Or I am not suitable in my new environtment?

Post curcol


One response

  1. mungkin udah bosen dan butuh perubahan, macam lagu favorit yg dijadiin satu2nya lagu di playlist dan didengerin tiap hari lama2 nggak terasa asik lagi sehingga headset tampak suara terasa lebih menyenangkan :p

    December 11, 2011 at 4:20 AM

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